Antwerpen House

The project concerns the renovation, refurbishment and extension of a 145 sq.m, two-story residence with a courtyard, situated in the outskirts of Antwerp, Wilrijk area. The apartment is reconfigured in order to maximize spatial functionality while the rear extension reorients the living spaces of the existing flat towards the garden. A double height space and large opening allow for natural light deep into the house and unobstructed views.

Location: Antwerpen, Belgium
Year: 2024
Area: 250m²
Category: Private Project

Project Team:

Stefanakis Dimitris – Studio 99

Trichias P. Trichias – LAASTIK Architerctural Studio

Drawing reference from typical Belgian residences, the proposal aims to preserve traditional characteristics and materials such as brickwork, by integrating them with contemporary housing standards.


Spatial Structure


Zone Diagram

The existing structure’s white color palette is retained and is complemented with timber cladding and furniture that create softer, earthy tones and a warm feel inside the residence. A soft white wall and floor finish delineates both horizontal and vertical circulation paths while subtly providing guidance towards the living room, kitchen, office space and bedrooms.

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