Marios Tokas Museum

The architectural proposal for the new Marios Tokas Museum in Ypsonas, Limassol, aims to be a cohesive approach to a landmark building that will highlight the valuable heritage of Marios Tokas and offer a unique museum experience through the special management of the rhythm of natural light, music, and materials. The new museum is not only a place for exhibitions but a center of lively activity where visitors can discover, learn, and be inspired through the gradual culmination of sensory and musical experiences.

Location: Ypsonas, Cyprus
Year: 2024
Area: 250m²
Category: Competition

Project Team:

Stefanakis Dimitris – Studio 99

Trichias P. Trichias – LAASTIK Architerctural Studio

Central to the structure of the building is the gradual and incremental culmination of the visitors’ experience as proposed in the museological study. The management and rhythm of light through a newly proposed technique, combined with the arrangement of spaces, create a gradual climax and articulate the spaces of the Museum.


Spatial Structure


Zone Diagram

The rhythmic alternation of musical and visual experiences structures the building’s program, which is articulated around the central atrium and the rhythm of the facades. The gradual escalation of the user’s experience has led to a circular movement concerning the Permanent Exhibition around the central atrium.
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