Terra Diagonal

The main idea, in terms of design, is to maintain the existing path that seems to form a diagonal axis that crosses the area plot dividing into two big triangular areas.

The first elongated building volume is placed on the east boundary of the plot, while the second volume is placed vertically in a way that the complex creates a “T” shape. This perpendicular geometry works as a boundary separating the learning center from its surroundings, implementing an interesting dialog between inside and outside with openings covered with bamboo sticks. In that way, two yards are being shaped, ensuring the need of privacy for the women. It is also considered important, to create large open green spaces for sports and leisure.

Location: Monzabique
Year: 2022
Area: 3.100m²
Category: Architectural Competition

Project Team:

Makis Dimitrellos, Felisia Tastani, Dimitris Stefanakis


Archisearch Magazine [LINK]

The program is distributed in building entities, each of which could be constructed in three independent phases.  In that way, the building volumes could work both as individual parts and as a whole complex.  Firstly, the kitchen and storage area, secondly the teaching areas and thirdly the multipurpose spaces with its additional uses such as teacher office, pc lab and restrooms. At the same time, adaptability is achieved by placing moving panels between the three classrooms and providing the chance to users to adapt according to their needs.





Furthermore, the proposal is being designed following bioclimatic design principles. For instance, alternative energy sources are being installed such as solar panels and a windmill. Moreover, the proposed wheat crops could provide an important quantity of cereals to be stored and used in the center’s kitchen and food supplies.

In addition, our proposal includes natural and local materials for the building construction such as earth bricks, bamboo, wood and fabric for light structures and shadow. For the building structure (columns and beams) reinforced concrete has been used to provide the required strength and stability. On the walking paths placed on the leisure and sports areas, pressed soil is maintained and more planting and grass is added. The big signature trees remain in the area.

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