The architectural proposal for the “Pedion Areos” Park in the city of Volos has its starting point on the observation and analysis of the characteristics of the surrounding area, the sea and the mount “Pelion” in proximity to the competition’s site. The area is perceived as a space on the borderline between urban and natural, land and sea, reality and mythology.

The redesign of the park introduces to the metropolitan area of Volos a new point of reference, a new meeting point both for the citizens and for the visitors of the city. A multifunctional space where social activities can take place, where new functions and uses such as sports facilities, open-air amphitheater, open-air cinema, flea market, coffee place, lake canoe and workshops are combined with rest areas and interesting vegetated zones. The park is being designed and organized in thematic zones, which host different uses characterized by different vegetation. On that way, the park introduces many different zones of use to the visitors while attracting more people on it, unifying the area of the park with the new Museum of Argo, the University Campus on the north and the city center of Volos.

Location: Volos, Greece
Year: 2021
Area: 69.810m²
Category: Architecture, Landscape, Competition

Project Team:

Dimitris Stefanakis – Studio 99, Thanos Mousmoulidis – MID Studio


Plant Engineering: Anastasios-Petros Kazamias, Forester-Environmentalist, MSc

Structural engineers: Nikolaos Chatzinikolaou, Civil Engineer, Georgia Chatzinikolaou, Architect Engineer


Plaisio S.A, Structural and mechanical design of the existing buildings, Interform S.A, Structural and mechanical design of the special structures

Awards: 1st Prize

Publications: Municipality of Volos [LINK], Archtetype Magazine [LINK],  Ktirio Magazine [LINK]

The proposal is based on a sustainability study which points out the need for the reuse of natural resources such as rainwater and grey water. Natural materials such as local stone, bricks, rammed earth and wood which exist on the plot are being reused as parts of the new pavement or of the double facades of the existing buildings. These natural elements co-exist with artificial ones such as concrete, wood, metal and Corten in order to create unique patterns and combinations of colors on the horizontal and vertical surfaces of the park.


The landscape design is based on the specific environmental characteristics of the region of Volos, the humid climate, the proximity to the sea and the presence of the lake on the south part of the competition’s area. The main criteria that formed the vegetation proposal for the project were the following: The preservation of an extended part of the existing vegetation, and its enrichment with species that have low irrigation needs, in order to protect and enhance the local biodiversity of the area. The selection of indigenous species and plants which adapt and grow easily on both the local and the Mediterranean climate. The variation of the vegetation in accordance with the functions of each zone of the park in order to follow the specific needs for shading improving the functionality of them.


Path design



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